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Trading Bots will automatize your trades, so you don't have to waste time watching charts and checking prices. The bots will work 24x7, you don't need to keep the app open, all their logic is executed on the ProfitTradingApp servers, so just configure them and enjoy.

And the most importante part. ProfitTradingApp is 100% mobile, no PC is needed.

Automatic TradesCombine several operations to create profitable strategies

Create conditional consecutive orders to get profits from any market.
Find your best strategy and apply it to any market.

  • Buy + Sell + StopLoss

  • This is one of the most common strategies to make profits from markets. The bot will execute sequentially your Buy and later your Sell operation. You can also keep your wallet safe adding a Stop Loss.

  • Buy + Split Sells + StopLoss

  • Use this strategy to reduce your sell risks. Split your sell order in several step orders to increase your selling chances. You can also protect your investment with a Stop Loss order

  • Use dynamic price percentages

  • You can create your bots by using fixed prices or dynamic percentages. For instance, you can set a bot to purchase if the price falls a 2% and later sell if the price rises a 3%. Use it as best suits you.

  • Bot Templates

  • Define your custom bot templates and reuse them whenever you want to save time.

  • Paper Trading: Virtual Bots

  • Use virtual bots with virtual wallet to test any strategy before using your real money. This is perfect to learn and improve your trading skills with no risks.

This is an example of one of the most common bots structure:


Choose a Market

Choose the market you want to trade.


Add a Buy Operation

Set the Trigger Price, the Buy Price and the Units you want to purchase. You don't even need to own the funds to make the purchase at this moment, just you need to have them when the Trigger Price is fulfilled.
This means, "Buy x Units of the selected coin, when the price reaches the Trigger Price for the selected Price".
For instance we can
See the video for more details.


Add a Sell Operation

Set the Trigger Price, the Sell Price and the Units you want to purchase.
This means, "Sell x Units of the selected coin, when the price reaches the Trigger Price for the selected Price". See the video for more details.


Add a Stop Loss Operation

Set the Trigger Price
This means, "Sell all the previously purchased units of the selected coin, if the price drops to Trigger Price".

In the video sample you can see the following structure:

  • Market    USDT-BTC
  • Op.1         BUY 0.015 units of BTC if the price drops a 2%
  • Op.2         SELL 0.015 units of BTC if the price rises a 2.5% (after the Op.1 is finished)
  • Op.3         STOP LOSS if the price drops a 2% (after the Op.1 is finished)

You can find more info and a complete tutorial inside the app

Target SellsSplit your sells in several operations to reduce risks

Many traders use this strategy, a Buy operation combined with several splitted Sell operations and a Stop Loss. Reduce your risks and increase the changes of selling and get profits.

  • Reduce Trading Risks

  • Increase selling options

  • Easily check what steps have been completeded

  • Use templates to create split sells and save time

  • Perfect for Telegram Signal Channels

  • Buy + Target Sells + Stop Loss is the main strategy of a market signal. ProfitTradingApp is an amazing tool for trading Signals. It will let you trade signals in seconds and check your profits easily.

Stop LossReduce your loses with Stop Loss operations

  • Minimize your loses

  • Stop Loss is a basic operation for every trader. It will minimize your loses if the market conditions go against your strategy.

  • Combine it other operations

  • You can combine Stop Loss operations with other operations like Sells, Split Sells or Trailing Stop Sells.

* A Stop Loss for a Buy operation is called a Buy Stop operation.

Bots History ProfitsCheck your bots results at any time

  • Check the details of your finished bots at any time

  • You can quickly see the state of your bot and its operations. You can see if it completed successully or there was any inconvenience (for instance, if there is not enough balance in the wallet it will fail).

  • Check your Profits

  • You can see the final balance of the bot. It will calculate the bot balance taking into account your buys and sells.

  • Quick Options

  • Take advantage to the quick creation options. You can Restart any bot or Create a different one from an existing finished bot.

Bots TemplatesSave time creating your bots

  • Save Time

  • Use template to create bots and you will save time setting them.

  • Custom Templates

  • Add your own custom templates with your favorite strategies. Define them once, use it whenever you want.

  • Suggested Templates

  • Suggested templates created from the strategies of the most successful traders.

Bots Paper TradingTrade with virtual money while you learn

  • Virtual Wallet

  • Create a virtual wallet with the assets that you want. You can choose to clone your real wallet to a virtual wallet so you can simulate trades with the same holdings you own.

  • Virtual Bots

  • Create virtual bots to simulate trades and strategies. You can check the virtual profits generated to meassure your success.

Extension Pack 1


Add amazing extra features to your trading bots.
Boost your bots with this package to optimize your strategies and profits.

Copy Experts, Trailing Stop Orders, Trading Cycles and more

Trailing Stop OrdersMaximize your profits

  • What is a Trailing Stop Order?

  • A sell trailing stop order sets the stop price at a fixed amount below the market price with an attached "trailing" amount. As the market price rises, the stop price rises by the trail amount, but if the coin price falls, the stop loss price doesn't change, and a sell order is submitted when the stop price is hit. This technique is designed to allow an investor to specify a limit on the maximum possible loss, without setting a limit on the maximum possible gain. Trailing Stop Buy orders are the mirror image of Trailing Stop Sell orders, and are most appropriate for use in falling markets.

  • How a Trailing Stop Order would help a trader?

  • As the Trailing Stop Orders will be updating the selling price as the price increases, you will get profits from a market run. With a fixed sell price, your order may be filled at a much lower price than the highest price reached.

Trailing Stop Orders with ProfitTradingApp

  • Maximize Your Profits

  • Let your profits grow using Trailing Stop Orders. Both Trailing Stop Buy and Trailing Stop Sell available. Combine them with other orders to create your custom trading strategy.

  • Easy Setup

  • Select your Trigger Price, and your Stop Offset. The Trailing Stop Order will manage the rest.
    You can see at any time the bot status, the top price reached and the current offset from the highest price.

  • Combine Trailing Stops

  • A common bot structure that expert traders are using is the following:

           - Trailing Stop Buy operation

           - Trailing Stop Sell operation

           - Stop Loss operation

Copy ExpertsCheck and copy experts strategies

Access to experts bots and learn strategies from the best traders.
Copy their bots or just see what an when they trade.


Access to experts list

Analyze the best traders and their strategies.


Copy a bot from the list

Choose a bot that fits to your strategy.


Adapt the trading units

Adjust the units to trade to your wallet availability

You can also see the most successful bots, so you can learn about what strategies work in a certain crypto scenario.

* The copy experts bots feature is currently only available for Binance and Bittrex apps.

Trading Price Cycles Get Profits From Swinging Markets

Take advantage from price coins fluctuations to repeat buy and sell cycles. Add a stop loss and you will have the perfect strategy for crypto high fluctiation.


Find a proper market

Choose a swinging market repeats a pattern and find the top and bottom price limits.


Create a new bot

Create a new bot and add the following operations:

       - Buy operation

       - Sell operation

       - Stop Loss operation

Then save the bot and select the 'autorepeat' option


Wait for the cycles to complete

Just wait for the bot to do its work. If you also enabled the notifications option, you will receive a push notification whenever an operation is done. You will also receive a notification whenever a cycle is completed.

You can see a report for every cycle the bot completes, with all the completed operations and your profits.

Bot Push NotificationsReceive notifications from your bots

Stay updated on your bots progress. Receive notifications for your bots filled orders and whenever a cycle is completed.

You can also select which bots you want to be notified.

Filled Orders Notifications


Get advantage from others getting notified when your orders are filled.

Filled Orders NotificationsReceive notifications when your orders are filled

  • Get Filled Order Notification

  • Take advantage from others getting notified when an order is filled. It will let you place the next order as soon as possible.

  • Select orders to be notified

  • You can enable for which orders you want to be notified, or simply set the app to receive notifications from all of them.

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