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Great free features for all kind of traders. Easy to manage, fast execution and valuable information.
More features will be released soon.

Multiple Exchange Accounts Manage multiple exchange accounts easily. Up to 100 at a time!

  • Manage up to 100 accounts of your favorite exchanges (available for Binance and BitMEX)

  • Change between accounts in seconds, designed to fast switching

  • Create several accounts and distribute your risks, you don't need to keep all your funds in a single account

  • Great to create a trading test account to learn about strategies

Fast TradingCreate trades in seconds

  • High Speed Trading

  • Execute trades in seconds thanks to the shortcuts and presets.
    Buy and Sell in separated tabs, you can manage buy and sell in different markets at the same time.

  • Preloaded Favorite Market

  • Choose your favorite market and the app will load it at launch so you don't have to waste time searching for it everytime you open the app.

  • Check Open and Filled Orders

  • You can check quickly your open and filled orders with an optimized loading performance.

Wallet Details & History Profits Check your Holdings and Analyze your Profits

  • Wallet Details

  • Get access to your holdings list with a fiat equivalence and check the markets daily increment.
    Press any coin to access to the market detailed chart.
    The profit resume chart will show you your wallet value evolution.

  • Wallet History

  • Access to a detailed track of your past wallet. You can see a chart with your crypto and fiat evolution, amazing to check your profits. The app will offer daily information about your progress, just select a past day to see your past holdings.

  • Virtual Wallet

  • Create a virtual wallet to papertrading. Use virtual bots to simulate operations and strategies.
    The best way to learn without risking your holdings.

HODL SignalsTrack your HODL Signals easily

Manage your HODL signals, and check your profits in a sight.
These are the steps:


Coin Purchase

Purchase any coin at the market you desire.


Register your HODL Signal

Add the market, the price, the units and the date of the purchase.


Track your profits

The app will calculate your current profits, with fiat equivalence increments

You can also create a HODL signal directly from your open orders, just select an open order and press the Add to HOLD Signals option.

Chart & Technical AnalysisSee Detailed Markets Info

  • See detailed info about any market

  • Configure multiple trading indicators, great for advanced traders

  • Updated info about orderbook and last trades

  • Technical analysis with buy/sell advice

* The technical advice is provided by TradingView, use it carefully. Only available for some exchanges.

Price AlertsGet notified for price changes

  • Create alerts for any market quickly

  • Fast and reliable alerts. Get notified immediately without delays.

  • Bictoin price alert shortcut, use it yo create alerts even faster

  • Manage all your created price alerts easily. Check multiple alerts at a glance.

  • See your created alerts refected in the market chart

Favorite MarketsManage your Favorite Markets

  • Choose a main favorite market and the app will load this market at launch. That speed will make a difference in hot markets price change situations, letting you buy or sell faster.

  • Select several favorites markets and see how they are performing in a glance.

  • Change to a favorite market in seconds

You can add as many favorite markets as you wish. If the exchange supports several trading modes, such Spot, Margin or Futures, you can select different markets for each trading mode.

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