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After more than two years with a group created on Telegram solely for family and friends about cryptocurrencies, I have decided to launch it publicly, at first I commented on useful or relevant information about cryptocurrencies, trading in general and, above all, learning.

Now it is 100% trading signals in cryptos, no speaking for the group, zero toxic people who instead of helping deceive others to fall into pyramid scams, no referral systems, nothing... nothing... it is only focused on the reception of signals for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Before we did the operations in Binance, now for various reasons, we do them in the Exchange Kucoin, although if you trade in Binance, you can take advantage of many operations, since the graphs are almost identical and many of the currencies that appear in our group, will be there also.

The first thing to comment is that it is a closed group, free but closed, with that I mean that to access, you have to click on the following invitation link that in some moments will be closed and there will be to contact through this blog.

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